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A Trip Down Wolf River

A Trip Down Wolf River

Forest County Potawatomi AODA department organized a special trip for the youth of the community to participate in on Aug. 16, 2018.

This trip was focused on being able to do something fun, exciting, recreational and physical without having the need for substance abuse. It offered an opportunity to show the youth they can enjoy themselves without alcohol or drugs. The trip was an adventure to Shotgun Eddie’s in White Lake, Wis. If anyone is not familiar with this name, it is a white-water rafting venture that is pretty popular in these summer months on the Wolf River.

A total of 50+ people, youth and adults, with ages ranging from 5 and up, took this opportunity to enjoy a good time with friends while laughing and fighting the rapids in their rafts. It should be noted that all of the proper parental signatures were obtained since this can also be a bit of a dangerous sport. For many, it was their first time white-water rafting. A few of the youth who were trying the sport for the first time forgot to take their shoes off in the beginning and ended up soaked! When all was said and done, it seemed that everyone had a great time with each other and also learned a great lesson- you can have a great and fun time without the use of anything to alter your state-of-mind or inhibit your well-being! It was a strong message for these youth to experience.

Many thanks go out to the AODA workers who organized this adventure and kept the youth safe on this trip: Jorge Cisneros Sr., Jordan Keeble, Ira Frank, Jacob Struble, Shelby Cleereman, William Martin, Samantha VanZile-Cottrell, and Erik Carlson (FCP Education). Also thanks to the parents and grandparents that tagged along as chaperones to help on this day of excitement!

The department is going to keep focusing on group activities like this one for the community youth and their families and friends so keep your eyes and ears open!

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